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To Love, Hate & Miracle.. From Desire..

Today's Wednesday, February 15, 2006 !!
Hey ya!

I've changed my blog add to known-as-maine.blogspot.com
from today onwards, yupz,
everything's @ know-as-maine.

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you may click the above image to reach the new!


- posted by unembellished maine @ 5:31 PM
Today's Wednesday, February 08, 2006 !!

last night was the worst nightmare ever.
worst then running a high fever.
was wat i got.

usually mine's a minor one.
it'll go off a lil while.
but last night,
it's stays on with me bearing the pain.
it's pretty upsetting.
then cough came.
and i thought i got better.
so maybe i'll just make myself a cup of milo.
who noes, milo expires!! -.- (who still keep in there, wanna kill me)
maybe just a warm glass of plain water will do.
after a while, the pain still persisit.
so i went to bed.
coughing and coughing.
started having breathing difficulty.
practically gasping fer air.
so it's lying down in pain, coughing, gasping fer air.
it lasted fer bout an hr, the pain still persist.
wanting to call my mum, but my strength was drained off
by having to bear with that pathetic pain. -.-"
so leave it as it is!
i gradually went into a deep slp.
yeah but i woke up like 5 plus, realise the pain was still there but not as bad.
worst, my hands r swelling, as well as my jaw.
pretty tired to bother.
then went back to slp. geez.

nope, not really irregular meals.
i just had a pretty late dinner at 9pm last night.
waited fer my bro and parents.
it's suppose be a no problem, coz ain't not hungry yet too.
or maybe it's post am allergic to something i had during dinner which i didn't know.
haha. nvm! heee..

anyway my budds planning fer a short getaway! weee~
update soon! :)

- posted by unembellished maine @ 2:17 PM
Today's Monday, February 06, 2006 !!
hey wasabis!
da pics @ this link.


sorry fer such a delay arhh.
can't help investing during the cny mood still (you know you know)

anyway see ya all tml oh!

More to update peeps!
stay tuned. :)

- posted by unembellished maine @ 10:51 PM
Today's Sunday, February 05, 2006 !!


not my life,
my strength!
am totally packed and drained with the continous activities.

had steamboat the feline's place yesterday (Friday)!
pretty family. lol...
after tat bowling (again?)
pics to be updated soon.

yeah! applied fer the uob campus card.
hee and of course the uob mini debit too.
could say am rather silly apply 2,
but why not,
since i can link it to my camous a/c,
and i don't need my account to be at least 500 bucks,
and if i flow below tat gotta pay the charge?!

with a cheque book which could be redundant,
but might help in paying some so-call registration fee for sch when needed.
another is the priviledges bahh. quite a number. heee..

did some character analysation. Thanks to feline's aunt.
yesterday while we were at her house, all of use were kinda tense to noe e results!
but this at least,
we tend to noe not only more bout each other (it's needed) ,
but also ourselves.
it's quite true i say, 50% to 70%.
and i believe it, some maybe.
why? because i believe tat's me, tat's the reason.
what her aunt said,
- am those more of the emotional kind, my feelings almost rule me.
- everything bout me, even making a decision, it's my feeling - how so true (glints) !
- logic quite gd? (errmz, maybe? lol)
- speech: able to speak/present well - in front of an audience? (something like this. hah! nvm.)

yup that's me, but the full report not totally out yet.
can't wait! geez.

yet beliefs.
each of us haf our own.
ya it's according to wat you believe.
thus, believe in wat you believe, and
believe in your own superstitions.
if you think it's ya superstitions which makes ya believe, it'll happen.
don't ever think am still the small girl who knows nothing, alright.

so, wat's next?
maybe prying bout others things not a cup for me.
i guess it's being alone at home, recover,
and pack my room!!
in a mess again.

i need a rest. my life's not a mess.


- posted by unembellished maine @ 1:36 AM
Today's Saturday, January 28, 2006 !!
It's the eve of CNY.

Happy Chinese New Year peeps!
there's more to enjoy oh! and..
The lady is SICK.
how could she enjoy!!
haa. well no probs to tat coz she'll still enjoy!

to be continued..

- posted by unembellished maine @ 1:56 PM